Prestige Tree Wiki
ID Name Description Reward
11 All that progress is gone! Perform a Prestige reset.
12 Point Hog Reach 25 Points.
13 Prestige all the Way Purchase 3 Prestige Upgrades. Gain 10% more Prestige Points.
14 Prestige^2 Reach 25 Prestige Points.
15 Primary Termination Master Prestige.
21 New Rows Await! Perform a Row 2 reset. Generate Points 10% faster, and unlock 3 new Prestige Upgrades.
22 I Will Have All of the Layers! Unlock Boosters & Generators.
23 Prestige^3 Reach 1e45 Prestige Points. Unlock 3 new Prestige Upgrades.
24 Hey I don't own that company yet! Reach 1e100 Points.
25 Secondary Increment Master Boosters & Generators.
31 Further Further Down Perform a Row 3 reset. Generate Points 50% faster, and Boosters/Generators don't increase each other's requirements.
32 Why no meta-layer? Reach 1.8e308 Points. Double Prestige Point gain.
33 That Was Quick Unlock Time, Enhance, & Space. Unlock some new Time, Enhance, & Space Upgrades.
34 Who Needs Row 2 Anyway? Reach 1e525 Points without any Boosters or Generators.
35 Tool Enhanced Speedrun Master Time, Enhance, & Space.
41 Super Super Unlock Super-Boosters. Prestige Upgrades are always kept on reset, and unlock 3 new Booster Upgrades.
42 Yet Another Inf- [COPYRIGHT] Reach 1.8e308 Generator Power.
43 Enhancing a Company Reach 1e100 Enhance Points.
44 Space is for Dweebs Reach 1e370 Generator Power without any Space Buildings.
45 Super Precision Master Super Boosters & Super Generators.
51 Yet Another Row, Huh Perform a Row 4 reset. Time/Enhance/Space don't increase each other's requirements.
52 Hinder is Coming Reach e7,250 Points in "Upgrade Desert".
53 Already???? Perform a Super-Generator reset. Get 2 extra Space.
54 The Superless Bug Reach 1e15,500 Points without Super-Boosters & Super-Generators.
55 Evil HQ Master Quirks & Hindrances.
61 Seriously Specific Perform a Solarity reset or a Subspace reset.
62 Gotta Get Em All Perform a Solarity & Subspace reset. Both Solarity & Subspace behave as if you chose them first.
63 Spaceless Reach 1e25,000 Points in "Out of Room" without any Generators.
64 Timeless^2 Complete "Timeless" 10 times. Always keep Row 2 & 3 Upgrades.
65 The Blood Moon Master Solarity & Subspace.
71 Another One Bites the Rust Perform a Row 5 reset. Always have all milestones of Row 2, 3, and 4, and you can complete "Timeless" 10 more times.
72 Generator Slowdown Reach 1,225 Generators.
73 Seems Familiar? Unlock Phantom Souls.
74 Super Balanced Reach 1e100 Balance Energy. You can complete "Timeless" 10 more times, and the "Option D" effect also affects Magic & Balance Energy gain.
75 Practices in Perfection Master Magic, Balance, & Phantom Souls.
81 Yes I Am Perform a Row 6 reset. Hindrances do not reset your Prestige/Booster Upgrades.
82 Not So Hindered Now Reach e10,000,000 Points while in a Hindrance (cannot be one of the first two).
83 The Impossible Task Unlock Phantom Boosters.
84 Beyond the Basics Reah e9,250,000 Points without any Boosters or Generators.
85 I Understand Your Pain Master Honour.
91 SPAAACE!!!! Unlock Nebula or Hyperspace. Gain 10% more Honour.
92 Galactic Strats Unlock Nebula and Hyperspace. Nebula and Hyperspace behave as if they were unlocked first.
93 No More Meters! Unlock Imperium.
94 Finally Done Being Hindered Complete "Timeless" 30 times and "Option D" 10 times.
95 I Hate This Mechanic Master either Nebula or Hyperspace. Mastery is 15% cheaper.
101 Realm of The Impossible Reach e1,000,000 Quirks. The Quirk Layer cost base is reduced by 0.2.
102 We're Not Beyond This? Reach e20,000,000 Points while in the "Timeless" hindrance (which must be completed at least 30 times).