Prestige Tree Wiki

Balance is a prestige layer in row 5 of Prestige Tree, connecting Quirks and Subspace.

Type Abbreviation Requirement Formula
Normal BA 1e365 quirks (x/1e365)^0.005
Mastered: (x/1e365)^0.0125


Requirement Reward
2 Total Balance Energy Gain 100% of Quirks gained every second, and keep Quirk Upgrades on all resets.
3 Total Balance Energy Unlock Auto-Quirk Layers.
10 Total Balance Energy Keep Subspace Upgrades on all resets, unlock Auto-Subspace Energy, and Subspace Energy resets nothing.
200,000 Total Balance Energy
3rd Balance Milestone
Unlock Balance Upgrades.
1e12 Total Balance Energy
4th Balance Milestone
You can keep Positivity & Negativity on reset. (can be toggled)

Balance Bar[]

Gain Formula: (balanceEnergy*10)^(1-barPercent/100)*(1-barBercent/100)

Type Buff Nerf (only when not mastered)
Negativity Multiply each Quirk Layer by x+1 Divide the Positivity buff by sqrt(log(x+1)+1)
Positivity Multiply the Subspace & Time base by log(x+1)+1 Divide the Negativity buff by sqrt(x+1)


ID Prerequisites Name Description Formula Cost While Mastering
11 Negative Ion Negativity boosts Solar Power. sqrt(log(x+1))*10 50,000,000 N 1e166,666 N
12 Positive Ion Positivity boosts Space Building Power & all Subspace effects. cbrt(log(x+1))*10 50,000,000 P 1e166,666 P
13 Negative Energy Raise the Negativity buff to the power of 10. 250,000,000 N 1e189,500 N
14 Positive Vibe Halve the Negativity nerf. 250,000,000 P 1e189,500 P
21 BA13 & BA14 Neutral Atom The Hindrance Spirit effect is raised to the power of 8. 250,000,000 BA 1e189,500 BA
22 BA21 Negative Mass The Negativity buff also multiplies Hindrance Spirit & Quirk gain. 2.5e11 N 1e203,000 N
23 BA21 Complete Plus The Positivity buff also divides the Solarity requirement. 2.5e11 P 1e203,000 P
24 BA22 & BA23 Net Neutrality Positivity and Negativity boost each other's generation. Pos: (log(neg/1e12+1)+1)^5
Neg: (log(pos/1e12+1)+1)^5
2.5e12 BA 1e205,000 BA
31 H41 Tangible Degeneration The first two Spells use better formulas. 1.1^(power)*eff 1e52 N 1e205,500 N
32 H41 Visible Regeneration Positivity multiplies the Super-Generator base. (log(x+1)/50+1)^10 1e52 P 1e205,500 P
33 H41 True Equality Both Net Neutrality effects are cubed. 2.5e51 BA 1e207,500 BA