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10-200 Points : Row 1[] (classic) (rewritten)

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This guide is for classic version. Click this to go to rewritten guide

After loading the game, you see 'You have 10 points' and a Blue P button on top. There's also Options(which you can change settings, you can go to set to preferred settings now), Information(Changelog and statistics) and Discord(Server link: For now, once you've done looking at the icons, you should click the P node, which gives you an UI with 'You have 0 Prestige Points' and a reset button. You should click the reset button.

After clicking the reset button, you see many things. First, Upgrades in the prestige tab. You should buy the first one to generate points. Then, there's new Prestige layers, but they're irrelevant now. Keep clicking the reset button at optimal amounts, and buy upgrades when you can, but make sure keep at least 3 unspent Prestige Points(PP)(This is because of the 2nd Prestige upgrade that gives a boost to your Point production based on unspent PP). Once you get the 3rd Prestige upgrade, you should grind to 10 PP then wait until you have 200 Points.

200-1e6 Points : Row 2 Part 1[]

After you have 200 Points, you will notice that B(Boosters) and G(Generators) are unlocked. Click the B, then do a Booster reset. It will reset everything, but it gives a Booster which multiplies Point gain by 2x. Don't Choose Generators, because Generator Power boost starts to softcap at 2-3 Generators.

Repeat the original process of getting boosters, though this time get 4th Prestige Upgrade and grind to 30 PP.

After 2 boosters, get 5th Prestige Upgrade and grind to 100 PP.

At 3 boosters, you should purchase the 3 booster upgrade then grind back to 3 boosters.

After 3 boosters grind to 400 PP

after 4 boosters grind to 2000 PP

1e6-1e30 Points : Row 2 Part 2[]

At this point, you can do a Generator reset once you reach 1000000 Points(1e6). You can reset for Generators. They produce Generator Power which boosts your Point gain. Use P hotkey to Prestige Reset, B to Booster and G to Generator.

Repeat the process (get 3 generator upgrade) until you get 5 generators(get ALL prestige upgrades and 10000 PP), then get 5 boosters(same).

6 B/G: 40000 PP

7 B/G: doesn't really matter now as long as you get 50000 PP, use P to prestige and stay in B/G tab


1e30-1e120 Points : Row 2 Part 3[]

Start with space then the time capsules as it is better that boosters and generators don't reset anything and they get automated. This will speed up progress to quirks

1e120-1e450 Points : Time Era[]

DON'T START HERE START AT SPACE!! If you start here then you are rekt so hard! Everything is faster with generator power because they make it go more faster! And boosters are bad for you!

1e450-1e750 Points : Space Era[]

If you start here, Good job! You've made the right decision! Now everything is faster then ever (later)!

1e750-1e3000 Points : Late Row 3[]

YES! You've made it so far that you've nearly reached quirks!!!!!!! So wait and you have quirksss!!

1e3000-1e5000 Points : Super-Boosters[]

You don't start here you start at quirks lol.

1 HS, 1 QK-25 HS, 25 QK: Early Row 4[]

QUIRKS!!!!!!!!!! YOU REACHED QUIRKS!!!!!!! Bad News: Everything is reset with a quirk layer!

Hindrances start as 25 Q.K.!! With this you can start playing with challenges!

25 HS(Quirk is hidden) - 400 HS: Early Hindrance Challenges[]

OH YEAH!! You've got your first hindrance reset! Now play challenges as they make everything faster with rewards.

400 - 1e8 HS: Mid Hindrance Challenges[]

You've completed your first challenges now play more but you know some of them need upgrades!

1e8 - 1e40 HS: Late Hindrance Challenges[]

You've gone so far! Now continue your journey! for Hyper-boosters and subspace!

1e40 - 1e78 HS: Hyper-Booster and Subspace[]

Just click all the buttons you can, you'll eventually get through everything.

1 MA/BE - 1e25 MA/BE: Row 5[]

SP - L: Super-Prestige Era[]

/HS - 29 PS: Life, Hyperspace and Imperium Era[]