Prestige Tree Wiki

Nebula is a prestige layer in row 6 of Prestige Tree, connecting Solarity and Phantom Souls.

Type Abbreviation Requirement Formula
Normal N 1st: 1e280 Solarity
2nd: 1e288 Solarity
Mastered: (x/1e280)^0.05


ID Name Description Cost
11 Stellar Cluster Unlock a new Solarity buyable Purple: ((1e3^(x^2))^0.333)*50 (^23.71 while mastering)
Blue: (200^(x^2))^0.5 (^26.5 while mastering)
Orange: ((1e3^(x^2))^0.2)*150 (^26.5 while mastering)


Secondary Dust effects are unlocked with Nebulaic Luminosity.

Type Gain Effect Formula
Purple (x^1/3)/20 Multiply Damned Soul and Phantom Power gain 10^sqrt(log(x+1)))
Purple & Blue Multiply Magic gain (purple*blue+1)^10
Blue (x^1/2)/1,000 Multiply Super-Booster base (x+1)^50
Blue & Orange Multiply the Timeless and Option D rewards (blue*orange+1)^5
Orange (x^1/5)/5 Multiply amounts of all Solarity buyables (x+1)^75
Orange & Purple Multiply the Time Capsule limit base (orange*purple+1)^0.6