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Note: This whole mom is just copy-pasted from the actual game, so you can just click the "?" button until someone writes a proper guide.

Early Game(Row 1)

This guide is getting reworked, so some information might not 'correspond' -e581927j

Do resets, buy Presfsdfsdfn't much to this phase of the game. (Achievements: you will just get all of Row 1 ones natually unless you don't buy some prestige upgrades)

Boosters & Generators(Row 2)

When you reach 200 points, you can unlock either Boosters or Generators. I recommend doing Boosters for your first run, because they are way more viable later on and the multiplier does not 'descale'. However, you can choose any one of these two.

When you get your first booster/generator, keep playing like you would before, until you can get 1000 points for a second B/G. When you get 20 PP(prestige points), get the 'More Prestige' upgrade, then 'Upgrade Power' for 75 PP. After getting that, wait until you can get 1000 points. When getting your second booster/generator, you will need over 9000 points for the next. Just try to keep grinding the upgrades without getting too much PP(100 is enough for 3rd run) and you'll eventually be able to get your 3rd booster/generator.

When getting your 3rd booster/generator, buy BP/GP combo for 3 boosters/generators. This will greatly increase your PP gain in the long run. Then, do the same thing(except faster) to get back to 3 boosters/generators.

The next booster/generator requires 100000 points. You will need to grind a little bit. I recommend having 1000+ PP for this run - e581927j

Your next goal is to get 1 million points to unlock the other one in boosters/generators that you didn't chose. For example, if you chose B you will need to get G and vice versa. This will also make your run faster. For this run I recommend 10,000+ PP and the 6th prestige upgrade. - e581927j

After unlocking the other one, just get 3 of that one while doing shorter runs. Get the other BP/GP combo then get 3 of the resource that you just spent.

Then, you should get 4 of both, 5 of both, 6 of both and eventually 7 of both. You could purchase upgrades here, but I HIGHLY recommend pushing to 8 for an overpowered milestone, and instead of spending 3 minutes pressing buttons, you wait 3 minutes.

PP recommended for amounts of row 2 resources:

3->4 - 10,000 PP, 5-6 upg

4->5 - 20,000 PP, 5-6 upg

5->6 - 100,000 PP, 6 upg

6->7 - 500,000 PP, 6 upg

7->8 - 1 Million PP, 6 upg

I recommend you get 8 boosters instead of 8 generators.

When you get 8 boosters, buy the 7 booster upgrade. Then you should press P once or twice(press it when progression seems slow and you can't do a booster reset) then do a booster reset and you should be able to get back to 8 boosters. Then buy the 8 booster upgrade, and do the same(press P then B) back to 8 boosters.

Now get 8 generators then do the exact same with generators.

Get Booster 9, then get Gen z^2. Get to 9 boosters again(actually fast) then get generators 9 and 10. You will get a milestone that makes prestiging no longer required. Then get Boosters 10-11 and Generator 11.

Next, get B/G 12. Then B/G 13. At 13 generators, buy 'Boost the Boost'. Get to 13 generators again, then 14. Get to 14 boosters.

Now, you can get Booster 15 and get the upgrade(you can buy max, so getting back to 15 boosters would be easy) then do the same with generators.

You would then be easily able to get B/G 16-17. Get booster 18 and get Discount 2 upgrade. Get back to 18 boosters and generators. After waiting a bit, you can get the e10 generator power(GP) upgrade, then waiting even more time for the next one(e11 GP). Then get to 20 generators and 19 boosters, and buy Boost the Boost again(20 generators). Buy generators back, and grind to 22 boosters/generators. Get the e12 GP upgrade, and you might have all row 2 achievements. Around the time of 16-22 boosters/generators, you might be able to get the last 3 newly unlocked prestige upgrades. Push some more for the e14 generator upgrade, get to 30+ boosters/generators and you will be able to unlock Row 3.

You might have:

- e150-e220 points.

- e90-e148 PP.

- 24-36 Boosters/Generators.

- e14-e15 GP.

- All achievements up to the end of row 2.

Enhance, Time then Space(Early Row 3)

EP = Enhance Points

TC = Time Capsules

SE = Space Energy

SP = Space

ETC = Extra Time Capsules

EHS = Enhancers

You have a choice between Time, Enhance, and Space here, and you will be able to unlock them in any order you choose. All combinations are viable, but some are faster than others. Enhance will tend to be the fastest to get milestones, since it is more Point-based, and its milestones involve both Boosters & Generators, so it may be beneficial to go there first.

If you get enough points, you will be able to get over 25 EP which means not many things are reset. I recommend buying max enhancers for this run. (You will be able to get 3-5, depending on your points when resetting)

Now, just do the same thing as you start all over again, except much faster. You might even be able to just get 15+ boosters/generators on first click so get B/G and just push for it. You MIGHT be able to get the 1.79e308 points achievement at this point.

If you are able to, get over 9000 EP to get as much Enhancers and upgrades as you can, and do the run again. Get the first 3 enhance upgrades.

Now, you will be able to choose between Time or Space. I recommend doing Time first as Space is more complicated to master(no more info or you will get spoilers lol) When you get your 1st Time Capsule, you will feel everything is reset. However you have achievements, enhance boosts and the Time Capsule to boost you. Yeah, LITERALLY do the same thing as the very early game, except you don't need to reset for enhance and you need to get to e315 points for the next time capsule reset. The game is actually fast though.

When you can get your 2nd time capsule, you keep the booster/generator milestones. Push for the 3rd Time Capsule, and buy extra time capsules when you can.

You no longer need to buy prestige upgrades on the 3rd time capsule reset. Push for the next one.

You no longer need to buy booster upgrades on the 4th time capsule reset. Push for the next one again.

When you get to the 5th TC, turn on the booster autobuyer.

Now, buy all the TC and Time Energy upgrades you can. Try to always get back to TC5. You DO keep milestones when you spend TC's however. Get Psuedo-Boost, Limit Stretcher, Psuedo-Psuedo-Boost and finally, More Time. After getting More Time, get Time Potency and Reverting Time.

Now, you can get Space Energy. Do the same as you did when first unlocking Time, except with higher points.

You can tamper with Space Buildings after getting some GP, and the priority for now is ALWAYS prioritizing the later buildings. That means, 3->2->1.

Get space energy 2-5 like you did with Time. If you get stuck, do an Enhance reset and get upgrades then Enhancers, or get space buildings.(remember 3,2,1).

Maybe get another extra time capsule if you see glow on 'T'.

Turn on auto generators when you get SE5, and then just wait until you can't get more boosters or generators to get TC6 to TC8 and runs will be faster because boosters now reset nothing.

Get Space X and Generator Generator then get back to 5 Space Energy. When you can, get Shipped Away. Get Into the Repeated then Four Square, and now priority is 4->3->2->1. When you can, get the REALLY OP Revert Space upgrade. Now get to 8 Space Energy and start trying to push more Space Energy, EP and TC, while buying ETC and EHS. Get as much upgrades as you can, when you get the 5th space building priority is 5->4->3->2->1. When you get 100 boosters(eventually) you will be able to get Super-Boosters.

Before that however you should get 'Who needs Row 2 anyway?' achievement by doing a row 3 reset after turning off the booster and generator autobuyers.(After getting the achievement please turn these two back on)

Super-boosters and Pre-Row 4 grinding(Late Row 3)

So, you have bought a super-booster.

Treat it like a Time/Space/Enhance reset that resets everything. It is however fast.

Get TC/SE 14, then around e48 EP and get Enhancers. Get the first 3rd row Booster upgrade, then the 2nd one on the last row. Get to SuperBooster3, then the last booster upgrade. Get Superbooster4 then TC/SE 15 and 16. Get space buildings and ETC's. Get TC/SE 17, more space buildings and more enhance stuff. Get Superbooster5. Get 'Space is for Dweebs' achievement by respeccing space buildings and if you get the achievement(or not) buy space buildings again.

Get ready for the next layer, because we're about to get quirky.

Press the Q button and reset for quirks.

Quirks then Hindrances (Early Row 4)

When you get your first Quirk, everything will seem to be reset. Fear not, however as you keep your achievements. Go to the quirks tab and buy your first Quirk Layer. Then do literally everything again and get quirks again all the way to 10 quirks. However milestones will help you get to quirks faster. Buy quirk layers when you can.

10 Quirks: Hindrances

Reset for around 10 Hindrance Spirit first. Hindrances are like challenges to complete. Don't do any challenge for now though as they are hard enough to make them pretty much impossible in your current stage.

Get to 25 quirks for the milestone, and you will be able to complete your 1st Hindrance.

Hindrance Table:

Hindrances(Early Row 4 - Late Row 4)
Name Quirks required for completion Quirk Upgrades required
Upgrade Desert 25 0
Speed Demon 75-100 3
Out of Room 30,000+ total 6
Descension 1e13 8

When doing your First hindrance(Upgrade Desert) make sure that you have the 25 quirk milestone and 10 hindrance spirit. Then, buy Prestige upgrades 1, 2, 3 and 6 then buy Booster upgrades 1, 2 and 4. You will be able to complete the challenge after that, and thus unlocking Quirk Upgrades.

After completing H1, you will be able to buy the first Quirk upgrade(Quirk central) after waiting around 30 seconds. Remember to buy back booster and prestige upgrades. After some more time, you will be able to buy 'Back to Row 2', then 'Skip the Skip the Second'. Grind for more quirks up to 100 and more Hindrance spirit up to 100 as well, and you will be able to complete H2, Speed Demon in about 2-3 seconds.

Grind for more quirks to 127 and buy Quirk Layer(QL) 4. Then, buy 'Row 4 Synergy(Quirk Upgrade(QU)4)'. Now, grind for more and more HS(hindrance spirit) and QK(quirks) until you've hit about 1000, and try to buy QU5(Quirk City). Grind to 10,000 HS then to 3000 QK. Then grind to 100,000 HS then to 32,768 QK. You would be able to buy QL5 then, and production will be fast enough to let you buy QU6(Infinite Possibilities). You will be able to complete H3(Out of Room).

After completing H3, get The Waiting Game(QU7).

After getting ~2,000,000 quirks, you will be able to get Exponential Madness(QU8). After getting that upgrade, you will be able to get ~e11 Quirks and QL6. Get over 1e9 HS then get to ~1e13 Quirks, and you're ready for H4, Descension.

After entering H4, respec your space buildings and put them all in Primary space buildings. Then, you have to wait for around 1 to 3 minutes and after you get to 1e3570 points, you have completed H4.

PS: after completing/giving up on H4, respec back your space buildings to normal priorities.

Continue to push as much as you can once you complete the first four Hindrances, and begin to complete the first repeatable Hindrance (Timeless) as many times as you can (purchase all Extra Time Capsules).

Eventually, you will unlock Quirk Improvements, which will boost various aspects of the game as you get more Quirk Energy. Grind through the last three Quirk Upgrades, continue to get more Timeless completions, and keep going until you can unlock either Solarity or Subspace.

Subspace then Solarity(Late Row 4)

Once you unlock Solarity/Subspace, you can choose either one, but there is a difference in how they progress. Solarity is more of an active layer, requiring you to be on the game more often, but it is faster than Subspace, which is more idle and requires more waiting. There is no wrong choice here, just go with what works with your playstyle, you'll end up getting the other one later anyway.

For Solarity, do resets and purchase Solarity buyables, continue this cycle over time and grind up. For Subspace, just let Subspace build up, buy Subspace Upgrades, and do resets. Keep in mind that both of these layers reset Space Buildings, so having that Auto-Space Building milestone in the Quirk tab is very useful in making these runs less painful.

Eventually, you will unlock both Solarity & Subspace, at which point you continue to grind up as much as possible, remembering to check all relevant layers when you feel stuck to see if you're missing any upgrades or anything else. Continue this push until you can unlock Magic or Balance in Row 5.

M, BA and PS (Row 5)

Once you reach your first Row 5 reset, it does not matter whether you do a Magic or Balance reset first, as long as you do the other layer reset for the second reset. Magic has three Spells, which you can cast (which last 1 minute each at first) but cost 1 Magic each, and give you 1 Hex for casting. Start with the Spell that multiplies the Time base, and cast the others once runs get fast enough to have multiple Spells active at once. Balance Energy generates Positivity and Negativity based on the location of the slider, and there are also Balance Upgrades to buy. Use both ends of the slider at their extremes to get the most out of Positivity & Negativity gains, their nerfs are not important enough to warrant having only one of the resources, so just try to keep their amounts roughly equal.

Keep grinding both layers until you are able to unlock Phantom Souls, remembering to keep casting Spells when you can put more Magic into them or when they run out, and put the Balance slider to both extremes, but try to keep Positivity & Negativity amounts relatively equal.

Once you get your first Phantom Soul, keep pushing until you can get your first Wraith. Once you do, try to complete the new Hindrance (Option D) as many times as possible by purchasing all Prestige Upgrades and as many Booster Upgrades as possible. If you get stuck on this challenge, try to use more Primary Space Buildings, as the other ones are much less useful in this challenge.

Keep going until you can get your second Wraith and unlock the next Hindrance (Central Madness). You can do this one by setting the Balance bar completely negative before starting the challenge. If you still cannot complete it, then switch it to completely positive once your points somewhat stagnate. Continue pushing until you can get the next Wraith, and remember to keep getting Timeless & Option D completions.

Once you unlock the final Hindrance (Productionless), just go for the completion without any real strategy in mind. If that does not work, try using only Primary Space Buildings, or just grind outside the challenge for more resources to help make it easier. Keep pushing PS, Magic, & Balance Energy, remember to keep getting more Positivity & Negativity, and keep getting Timeless & Option D completions until you unlock Honour.

H, N, HS and I (Row 6)

Once you reach your first Honour reset, begin to go for the Honour milestones, and get as many Honour milestones/upgrades as possible. Once you get the first Honour Upgrade, be sure to visit the Prestige tab often to check if you are able to discover any of the new Prestige Upgrades. Keep pushing to get more milestones, and eventually, you will get fully automated Honour runs. In this phase of the game, there isn't really a wrong way to progress, just keep pushing until you unlock Phantom Boosters.

Phantom Boosters are almost automated, but you do need to purchase Ghost Spirit. If you feel stuck, you're probably missing a possibly discoverable Prestige Upgrade, so be sure to check all of them. Keep on pushing until you can unlock Nebula or Hyperspace.

Once you unlock Nebula & Hyperspace, you have to choose which one you want to unlock first (although eventually you will get both). Nebula is more passive/idle, whereas Hyperspace is more active/strategic.

For Nebula, begin grinding up Dust amounts, saving up for Stellar Clusters, and repeat. Once you unlock the secondary Dust effects, use the bottom one. Once you're able to have two active at once, use the top & bottom ones to get more points, but use the bottom two whenever you want to get more space energy (for hyperspace).

For Hyperspace, you'll need to employ a little strategy in choosing which buildings to boost. I would recommend the following priority order: Quinary -> Quaternary -> Secondary -> Primary -> Tertiary. Of course, if you're having trouble, mess around with the buildings and try different combinations, see what works for you. The rule of thumb is that the Tertiary Building is worse than the others, so as long as you keep that in mind, you should be alright.

Once you unlock both, continue pushing, adjusting your Secondary Dust effect & Hyper Building setups, and grinding all the Row 6 resources until you can unlock Imperium. If you are stuck, make sure you've finished all Hindrance completions if you haven't already, and check any tabs that might be missing something.

Once you unlock Imperium, the craziness truly begins, since you'll be able to unlock new Space Buildings & upgrades across a bunch of different layers. The new Space Buildings further complicate Hyperspace, so make sure to know this: Senary, Octonary, and Decary Buildings are always worth it to get if possible. The Nonary Building is only useful if you're pushing your Hyperspace Energy, since the Nonary Space Building boosts Hyperspace Energy gain. The Septenary Building is slightly better than the Tertiary Building, but still worse than all the others.

As for the new discoverable upgrades, make sure that whenever you are required to do a run without a certain resource, do the lowest row reset possible in order to prevent some of your higher row resources from being reset. For example, if you need to reach a certain point amount without Boosters, do a Row 3 reset after disabling the Booster automator so that Row 3+ resources aren't reset, which helps you get to that goal more easily.

Continue pushing until you unlock the discoverable Quirk Upgrades, with which you should remember that their costs increase over time but also reset on a Quirk reset, so perform a Quirk reset whenever you feel like you are stuck to check if you can afford the next Quirk Upgrade.

Keep going as far as possible. Once you get close to the requirement to unlock Mastery, there is one last push that requires you to optimize everything as much as possible. Make sure your Hyper Building setup is as good as possible, remember to grind Hyperspace Energy whenever you feel stuck, and keep on pushing until you eventually reach 100 Phantom Souls and unlock Mastery.

MA, G and MC (Row 7)

Once you unlock Mastery, begin to grind your way back to do your second reset. Once that is done, you can begin your first Mastery, which should be fairly straightforward as all you need to do is purchase Prestige Upgrades. Continue to push for more Mastery and Mastery completions. When Mastering Row 2, Mastering Boosters is generally easier, so I would recommend doing that one first. When Mastering Row 3, the order in which you complete them is not necessarily important here, just make a choice and stick with it.

The first relatively difficult spot here comes when Mastering Hindrances, as you'll need to recomplete all Hindrances, which now have much higher goals. Just stick to the same strategies you used the first time you completed them, and you should be fine. If you feel like doing more active gameplay, Master Solarity before Subspace, otherwise start with Subspace.

Keep on pushing and Mastering layers until you unlock Gears.

Once you unlock Gears, you'll notice that there are two buyables that cost Dust Product, which you will need to figure out which one you want more. At first, the Kinetic Energy upgrade is much stronger than the Tooth Size upgrade, but later on it will require a little calculation. To do this, take the "Multiply Kinetic Energy gain by X" display and compare it to the "Divide Tooth Size by Y". If X>Y^2, then the Kinetic Energy upgrade is more important, otherwise the Tooth Size upgrade is better (this formula is wrong, because when X>Y^2 and you upgrade X then it's even more greater than Y^2 so it should be the other way around). In the end, you should be able to get by without this strategy, but this will make things as efficient as possible.

You'll also be able to Master Phantom Souls during this era, which should be fairly simple to beat. Continue to push Gears and your other layers as much as possible. During this part of the game, achievements are VERY important, some of their rewards being required to progress, so be sure to keep an eye on the achievement tab for powerful achievement rewards that may just be more in reach than you think. Keep going until you eventually can Master Honour.

Mastering Honour just requires a little patience and a keen eye. Go from upgrade to upgrade, purchasing them all (they are not all possible in the normal order). Once you Master Honour, unlocking Machines should be just another push away.


Energy And Neurons

Once you unlock Energy or Neurons, you must choose one of the two to unlock. Energy is a more active mechanic, whereas Neurons are a more idle mechanic, so choose whichever playstyle you would rather have.

If you choose Energy, you'll need to try and get as many of each Watt type as possible. The one generated is shown by which title is in all-caps (and brightened), and is switched on every Energy reset. In addition, be sure to continually store Energy in order to get its benefit. Begin pushing for the Energy milestones, and remember to go back to your Row 7 layers and push them every once in a while to ensure you get as much progress as possible. Storing up a lot of energy, releasing it for a few seconds, and then re-storing it is a good strategy to get Watts quickly, however it has the downside of losing Stored Energy, so be aware of that. Once you get the final Energy milestone, begin to push until you can unlock Neurons as well (guide below).

If you choose Neurons, you'll need to enter The Brain and push for as many Signals & Thoughts as possible. Begin pushing for the Neuron Milestones, and similarly to the Energy path, remember to push your Row 7 layers every once in a while to keep progressing efficiently. Continue pushing Neurons & Row 7 layers until you can unlock Energy (guide above).

Once you get through both Energy & Neurons, keep pushing for achievements and more progress until you can unlock the new Row 6 layers.

R and ID (Row 6 extend)

Once you unlock Ideas, remember that they do reset Neurons, so you'll have to build that mechanic back up on each reset until you get the Idea milestones. Try to get Revelations as much as you can, and keep pushing Energy, Neurons, and your Row 7 layers. Push for the Idea milestones, and just keep pushing (there really isn't anything crazy in this era).

Once you unlock Robots, you'll wanna balance your Robots evenly across all 5 types of Robots to keep your Minibot cycle going well. Remember to do Robot resets every once in a while to have a Minibot active, and push for the Robot milestones. Remember to go for achievements every once in a while as well.

AI and C (Row 7 extend)

Once you unlock AI, things get a little trickier. Get AI Networks whenever you can. As for the AI Nodes, you need to start with Node AA at first. Then, go for either Node AB or BA, then the other of those two, and finally BB. Once you have those four, your next goal is Nodes CA and then AC, then Nodes BC & CB, and then finally Node CC. If you feel stuck, there's no shame in resetting your AI Nodes and messing around with them to see what sticks though. Continue pushing progress and pushing for achievements until you can unlock Civilizations.

Once you unlock Civilizations, get Civilization Power and begin pushing. You'll also be able to get more AI Nodes here, which you should do in the order: AD -> BD/DB -> CD -> DD -> DA -> DC. As for Population, you should put it into Civs 5, 4, & 3 first, then deal with the earlier ones (but doing this other ways won't punish you all that greatly). Keep going for more Row 7 stuff, and make sure that your new Row 6 layers (Robots & Ideas) are fully automated at this point.

Go for more and more points, achievements, and progress altogether. If you feel stuck, remember to adjust your AI & civ builds, and check if anything isn't automated or bought that can be. Otherwise, this push towards the current endgame should be fairly straightforward.

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